Gelişim Valves International

Gelisim Valves Int’l was founded in 1989.

It has deep knowledge and experience in industrial valve production and sales.

Gelişim Valves Int’l, in its factory in Tuzla, Istanbul, serves the sector with modern workbenches and testing hardware, and sustains its production with API, ASME, DIN, TSE standards successfully.

Production capacity is up to 1500 Tonnes per year.

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Our Valves

Ball Valves

Gelişim Ball Valves, conforming the API 6D standards, have two part bodies and are full transitive a...
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Globe Valves

Gelişim Globe Valves are suitable for closing, throttling and regulating flow.  As their working pri...
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Gate Valves

GELİŞİM Gate valves are valves for general use, which are primarily used to permit or prevent the fl...
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Check Valves

GELİŞİM ® check valves, used in preventing reverse flow, are the valves with the best design. Floati...
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Quality Documents & Certificates: API 6D-1168, API 600-0125, API 600-0014, CE 1785

Quality Documents & Certificates: Kalite Sertifikalarımız: API 6D-1168, AIP 600-0125, API 600-0014, CE 1785