Actuator Types

:Actuator Types
Date:23 Apr, 2013

To control the valves, wheel actuators, gearbox actuators, chain flywheel actuators, pneumatic piston actuators and electrical actuators are used.

  • Wheel Actuator

    The valve is opened-closed manually from the wheel on the valve.

  • Gearbox Actuator

    Valves in large dimensions can be controlled with little force by gearbox actuators.  Also, valves under high pressure can be safely operated with these actuators.

  • Chain Operated Gearbox Actuator

    It is a chain-operated mechanism used for Gate, Globe and Angle Globe Valves that are placed above ground level.

  • Pneumatic Piston Actuator

    It is an actuator mechanism that utilizes air pressure in a piston or pneumatic system.

  • Electrical Actuator

    It is an actuator system that uses electrical devices to locally or remotely open and control the valves.