Gate Valves

:Gate Valves
Date:23 Apr, 2013

GELİŞİM Gate valves are valves for general use, which are primarily used to permit or prevent the flow completely.  In full open position, it provides laminar flow. Local pressure loss is very low.

Gate valves cannot be used for throttling or regulating the flow.  Their use for that purpose causes vibration due to the high speed flow in open position, and permanent deformation caused by the hitting of the bolt to the leak-proof body surfaces.

Gate valve bolts with T head construction are used in all size and pressure levels of gate valves with external screws and bows (OSY).  This construction shape gives a free motion to the bolt.  The splitting of the bolt from the valve shaft is prevented with this design.  Heavy-duty type, full transitive and free thread length body rings are screwed into their places in the body neatly.  After the screwing, it is sensitively ground and lapped to prevent distortion and faulty bearing. In valves for high temperature conditions, body rings have leak-proof welded connections to the body.

  • Body

    It is flat and has full transitive diameter.  Due to this property, it reduces the turbulence existing in body ducts.  Ring seating surfaces in the body are flat and need sensitive process.  Body rings are screwed safely to the string socket with sufficient length thread.

    Bolt slides within the body protect the leak-proof surfaces of the ring during operation.

    150 lbs group valves have oval bonnet flanges and sensitive gasket surfaces.

    300-600-900 lbs valve groups have round bonnet flanges.  Bolt holes in the body flanges, and nut eating surfaces are spot processed.

    All GELİŞİM gate valve bodies have evacuation and by-pass connections that conform ANSI B16.5 and MSS SP-45 standards.

  • Bonnet

    Bonnets are produced from the same material as valve bodies.

    Wall thickness is also the same with the body wall thickness.

    In all GELİŞİM valves, shaft seals can be replaced easily in operating conditions.

  • Slide

    In all external screwed gate valves, slides with T headed construction are used. This kind of application gives a free motion to the slide.  It prevents the slide to split from the shaft during operating conditions.

    Slide guide beds provide regular and easy opening and closing.

    In cast steel gate valves, solid and flex type slides are used.  Including 8”, slides with these dimensions are produced from stainless steel. In 10” and larger slides, same material is used with the body.  Leak-proof surfaces conform the standards, have integral stainless filling.

Body Ring

  • –          Cast Steel Gate Valves

    –          Cast Steel Alloy Gate Valves

    –          Cast Stainless Steel Gate Valves

    –          Cast Iron Gate Valves

    –          Forged (1/2”-2”) Gate Valves


  • ASME: Class 150, 300, 600, 800, 900, 1500

    DIN: PN 10, 16, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 350

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