Globe Valves

:Globe Valves
Date:25 Oct, 2013

Gelişim Globe Valves are suitable for closing, throttling and regulating flow.  As their working principle, they reproduce high flow resistance.  It is an appropriate type of valve to turn on and off frequently.

Valves with Flange connection (FLGD), Conic Disc, Bolted Bollet, External Screwed, Bow (OSY), rising shaft and wheel (RSH), convertible string, bolted gland.

  • Body

    Due to wide volume design and spherical structure with large radius, vibration, turbulence, and flow resistance have been minimized in Globe Valves.

    Inner parts of valve bodies, seating surfaces of body rings, cross sectional areas in wide parts, are designed to reduce irregular flow and increase valve performance and efficiency.

    Body ring sockets have been properly processed, and have safe thread lengths.

  • Bonnet

    Bonnets are produced with the same quality materials as valve bodies.

    As they are planned to work under the same conditions as the body, they have the same wall thicknesses.

    GELİŞİM globe valve bonnets are solid.  There are support flanks on high pressure valve bonnets.  Gasket seating surfaces of 150, 300, 600 lbs group valve bonnets have round male surfaces; bonnets are seated properly to female surfaces in the bodies.  600 lbs can be adjusted to ring joint type conforming the ANSI B16.20 standards, on request.  Gasket seating surfaces of 900 lbs group valve bonnets conform the ANSI B16.20 standards.

  • Disc

    Globe valve discs are connected to shaft with disc nuts.  Disc nut thread length is designed proper to work under heavy working conditions.  Discs are produced to have the safe surface thickness by grinding their surfaces several times.  Disc seating surfaces are ground to provide leak-proof body rings.

  • Body Ring

    GELİŞİM globe valves have either conic constructions with flat surface seating or, in spherical types, body rings and disc constructions.

    In the need of throttling or heavy working conditions, if not specified, conic body ring and discs are used in all pressure classes.

    Seating surfaces of spherical discs are spherical.  When used together with body rings with flat and conic seating, they provide a linear contact with the diameter.

    • Cast Steel Globe Valves
    • Cast Steel Alloy Globe Valves
    • Cast Stainless Steel Globe Valves
    • Forged Iron Globe Valves
    • Forged Steel (1/2”-2”) Globe Valves
  • ASME: Class 150, 300, 600, 800, 900, 1500
    DIN: PN 10, 16, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 350

  • Globe valves catalog PDF